So our train arrived about two hours late from Florence. We got in around 1100, found the metro and after checking with the information desk to get directions and a map of the city we found our way to our hotel. They weren’t ready for us to check into our room yet but said they could have another ready for us in 30 minutes or so, we waited in the bar/lounge (which I love the décor of, dark wood tables, blue chairs, large white vases) and utilized the wifi wntil they were ready for us.
We cleaned up once we got into the room and headed out to see Notre Dame and St. Chappelle, since by then it was already 1400 and going to the museums wouldn’t have given us much time since they close at 1800. We acquired a two day Paris Museum Pass (thanks for the reccomendation Meghan!) and headed to St. Chappelle first since it was supposed to close an hour earlier than Notre Dame.
Unfortunately there was about a thirty minute wait to go through a security check but we had some excitement while in line, a large tour group of teenagers had started milling about near the entrance to the church and apparently the tour guide had inserted herself in line and then tried to usher in her entire tour group in her place. There was a big uproar from some older tourists behind them which resulted in about half a dozen Paris police officers coming over to settle down the commotion. After about ten minutes thing had quieted down, the tour guide relented (with much yelling and hand gesturing at the older tourists) and the line started moving again. Ironically, once we got inside the tour group was already in, guess they used a different entrance, and they were in and out in under fifteen minutes.
Jeremy and I spent over half an hour in the little chapel, it was gorgeous. The stained glass covers nearly all the walls and is amazing. Afterwards we made our way to Notre Dame only to find it had closed early, apparently the Pope is coming tomorrow so both churches are closed tomorrow and part of Saturday, figures :-p We could sort of see inside Notre Dame this time because they kept the main doors open but gated, unfortunately if we want to see inside we’ll have to pay again since our pass expires before it reopens on Saturday, oh well, the outside was still very impressive.
I was starving by this point (around 1730) but most places don’t open for dinner until 1930 so we ended up heading back towards our hotel and grabbing a quick (but tasty) sandwich at the train station. I sorted through pictures when we got back to the room (I have about 420 so far) and then we watched Amelie, which I had never seen before, it was really cute.
Tomorrow will be museum day. We’re hoping to hit the Louvre first thing in the morning then perhaps a few others in the afternoon (Orsay, Orangerie). On Fridays many of the museums are open until 2100 so we shouldn’t have to rush through too much, and hopefully tomorrow we can enjoy some tasty French food as well. They’re calling for rain tomorrow but hopefully we will be able to walk around outside and take some pictures as well, we shall see. Until then, au revoir!