Weekend breakfasts in the Beker household have often become egg-centric. Our CSA includes a dozen fresh eggs in their twice monthly deliveries and (for better or worse) we don’t eat a lot of eggs during the week, so the weekend is our chance to catch up.

We started with simple fried or scrambled eggs (either quick or slow, either method ideally resulting in soft, custardy eggs). However, I have always been a fan of the breakfast sandwich (confession: McDonald’s Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit is a road trip favorite) and wanted to recreate them at home. We had English muffins, smoked Gouda, bacon, eggs…everything needed for a tasty breakfast sandwich. So in the last few months we’ve veered to the handheld breakfast making variations with different cheeses, either frying (being sure to place the yolk so it is directly against the top piece of bread so when you squish everything together it results in a tasty yolk “sauce” that absorbs into the top) or, more recently, scrambling the egg, and serving it atop a toasted, cheesed English muffin.

The scrambling approach I was always a bit leery of as I could never figure out the right approach to get a non-falling-apart egg, until I came across the Bodega-Style Egg on Food52. It really is “stupidly easy.” Crack your egg(s) mix with some salt and pepper, pour in your pan, add cheese (if desired), and leave them be until they’re cooked, then fold so they fit on your bread and serve. To be honest, I don’t leave them completely alone, I will swirl the pan so that the eggs are spread out and as thin as possible but no shaking, stirring or scraping is required. Top it with a bit of Sriracha or other hot sauce, and you have a great, full flavored, and super easy, breakfast (or lunch, or dinner).